Wilder goods is a women's boutique and art gallery with a focus on handmade, independent and vintage clothing and goods—created by Jennifer Tapp of Clyde and Mariah Palmer of Everything Golden

Mariah and Jen met at the Bozeman Flea, each selling their own wares. Instantly drawn to each other, they started a friendship based on their love of design and a shared aesthetic.  Over the months their shared connection to wildlife, the mountains and a love of art and style took form. Fast forward to now and Wilder Goods was born. 

Photo by: Kelsey Sather

Photo by: Kelsey Sather



Jen was born and raised in Iowa and moved to Bozeman at 18 to study metals and art at MSU. Her and her family moved back east for a while before returning to their true home in the mountains. Sharing her time between Swan Valley and Bozeman, her love of the wild runs deep and is reflected in her painting and jewelry designs. When she's not creating, she is spending time with her 5 year old daughter, hunting for vintage treasures and always, always, dreaming of the perfect shop. Follow Jen on instagram @shopclyde


Mariah grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho exploring the wilderness. Both of her parents were craftspeople and instilled in her a creative spirit which brought her to study Clothing, Textiles and Design at the University of Idaho. Since then she has been experimenting with; graphic design, photography, metalsmithing, textile design and style. Currently she spends her time making jewelry and scouring thrift stores for vintage gems with her 2 year old daughter in tow. An outdoor woman to the core, she finds her inspiration in the solace of the mountains. Follow Mariah on instagram  @everythinggolden, or on her blog