Na Nin Classic Fragrance Blends


Na Nin Classic Fragrance Blends


Na Nin's classic fragrance in a roll-on glass bottle (10ml)

choose from one of the following blends;

Landslide – an earth mama scent. Blended notes of patchouli, cedarwood, rosewood & sandalwood. Inspired by the ultimate gypsy lady, Stevie Nicks.

Willin’ - a woodsy, green scent. Blended notes of juniper, conifer, cedarwood, vetiver and cannabis. Inspired from this quote in the song by Little Feat, “I’ve been kicked by the wind, robbed by the sleet, had my head stoved in, but I’m still on my feet and I’m willin’, oh, I’m willin’”

Drifter - a cool, fresh, rejuvenating scent with sharp hints of musk and ginger. Inspired by a transitional time - often taking night drives and listening to Johnny cash with a strong desire to be anonymous and start anew.

NA NIN's fragrances are made by Kate Jennings inside her home in Richmond, VA. Made from all natural essential oils—They inspire nostalgic feelings that you get from listening to a certain song, a moment of solitude in the garden or woods, or a hug from a friend that leaves you with her scent for the rest of the day. 

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