Artemis at Dawn Scented Balm

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artemis at dawn.jpg

Artemis at Dawn Scented Balm


Artemis at Dawn evokes...running barefoot, flanked by your pack- taking a bite out of a rose. Peppery, earthy, rosey. Yum.

Let’s discuss the difference between a ‘scent’ and a ‘fragrance’. A scent is like what animals pick up from each other, it’s earthy, it’s innate like the handwriting and laugh you were born with. ‘fragrance’ is what the lady next to you on the plane is wearing that make your peanuts taste like air freshener.

Scents made from plants- their essential oils to be exact- is from their very being, and is in some way, alive. You can think of these little scented balms as scent collaborators- dancing away with your scent! Plant, meet animal- animal, meet plant!


- sunflower oil*

- beeswax

- essential oils of patchouli*

- rose geranium*

- black pepper*

- vitamin E oil


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