Mohinder's Woven City Slipper

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Mohinder's Woven City Slipper


Mohinders shoes are handwoven by third-generation master artisans in Athani Village, India. Small batches of shoes are passed between home workshops, as artisans specialize in different steps of the process. It takes years to learn these techniques: precise cutting of shapes out of thick leather, evenly measured stitches without guidelines, startlingly fast hand-weaving. Each shoe is made with small-batch water buffalo leather that develops a rich patina and forms to your foot with a bit of time and wear. The leather is sourced from a small farm near where the shoes are made. They use a vegetable tanning process in a slow, hands-on, non-mechanized way, in a trade that’s been passed down through generations. Essentially, it’s close to the way leather was made for thousands of years.


  • Full-grain leather produced in small batches in India

  • Cushioned footbed

  • Natural crepe rubber sole

  • Cavani hand-weaving creates a durable, non-adhesive bond between upper and midsole

  • Made by highly skilled, fairly-compensated artisans

Sizing info:

  • Runs true to size. Round up if you're a half size. 

  • Don't worry if they feel like they're slipping off at first; within a few wears the leather will form to your feet and they'll stay on.

  • A note about the break-in - Our leather goes from raw hide to leather in a cleaner, small-scale artisan tanning process. It’s stiff, like raw denim, so the upper has a bite at first; after a few wears, they will soften.

  • If you have wide feet these may feel too narrow or a squeeze at first, but give them a few wears—they should also widen to your foot size.

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