Bean-an-ti Ariel Clogs

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Bean-an-ti Ariel Clogs


Vivid red shoes add punch and strength to so many outfits, from jeans and a blouse to your favorite dress. Earthy, solid and super flattering, these are and made and hand-dyed with and slight variations in color that celebrate the process and individuality. Handmade in Missoula, Montana, by Maren Lorenz of Bean-an-ti. 

3.25 inch heel height on the 1 inch platform sole

"These are simple, clean designs made from strong natural materials. Made by hand in Montana, this is a shoe I want you to be proud to own.”

-Maren Lorenz


1. get a piece of white paper

2. step on it with your larger foot

3. make a mark at the end of your longest toe, in my case it isn't the big toe.

4. make a mark at the back of your heel.

5. measure the distance between the marks and look to see where your measurement falls in the list below.

35 — between 8 10/16 in. and 9 in.

36 — 9 1/16 in. and 9 5/16 in.

37 — 9 6/16 in. and 9 9/16 in.

38 — 9 10/16 in. and 9 13/16 in.

39 — 9 14/16 in. and 10 2/16 in.

40 — 10 3/16 in. and 10 6/16 in.

41 — 10 7/16 in. and 10 9/16 in.                                     

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