Wild Hope Magazine Issue 03

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Wild Hope Magazine Issue 03

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It’s rare to read about the issues facing wildlife and nature and at the same time feel uplifted and inspired. This magazine, with its rich content and awe-inspiring imagery give hope by shedding light on the positive efforts made by people who truly care about wildlife.

Wild Hope is a print publication about preserving Earth’s biodiversity co-created by naturalists, conservationists, wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, biologists, ecologists, nature writers, photographers, and artists.

Inside Volume 3
- A peek inside an owl-nesting box with a volunteer for The Hungry Owl Project
- A rare encounter with a wild wolverine in the Sierras
- How digital photography is helping researchers identify and track giraffe by their unique spot patterns
- A birding field trip to a post-fire snag forest with a naturalist for the John Muir Project
- A photo documentary of the spectacular phenomena of animal masses
- From Alaska, a report on the state’s extreme efforts to protect wild salmon
- The author of field guides challenges us to re-imagine the language we use to describe the natural world
- Frogs in Ecuador’s cloud forest inspire a scientific investigation into human-nature relationships
- An interview with a documentary filmmaker about the heroic efforts being made to save a small porpoise from extinction
- An essay about our need for wilderness with images of what we’re losing in Central Appalachia
- An illustrated Field Guide to the Joshua tree

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