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Poetry with Ben Leubner

Poetry with Assistant Teaching Professor Ben Leubner

No experience necessary, just bring your curiosity! 

Workshop Description:

In this 3 part workshop we'll be looking at some of the more technical components of poetry, which often get overlooked these days in favor of more free expression. What we'll discover, however, is that careful attention to form and technique, far from limiting freedom, actually enable it. The old saying applies here: the better you know the rules, the more effectively you can break them. Among other things, we'll cover the basics of meter, expand our conception of rhyme, discuss lineation and enjambment, and marvel over how paying attention to these characteristics of poetry allows us to suddenly say things we wouldn't have known how to say had we simply been writing "freely."

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About the teacher:

Ben Leubner received his Ph.D. in Literature from Northeastern University in 2009, where he focused primarily on poetry written in English. He has written on several poets, including Elizabeth Bishop, James Merrill, Rainer Maria Rilke, Jorie Graham, Derek Walcott, and Frank Bidart.  He now teaches at MSU, where he has offered several creative writing workshops on poetic meter and form and literature courses dedicated exclusively to the study of poetry.