Wild Hope Magazine Issue 06


Wild Hope Magazine Issue 06


It’s rare to read about the issues facing wildlife and nature and at the same time feel uplifted and inspired. This magazine, with its rich content and awe-inspiring imagery give hope by shedding light on the positive efforts made by people who truly care about wildlife.

Wild Hope is a print publication about preserving Earth’s biodiversity co-created by naturalists, conservationists, wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, biologists, ecologists, nature writers, photographers, and artists.

Inside Volume 6

  • From Colorado, The Wild Animal Sanctuary’s campaign to end the captive wildlife crisis in America

  • A heart-to-heart conversation with North Atlantic right whale researcher Amy Knowlton about overcoming obstacles to the species’ survival

  • A mayor’s radical vision to incorporate nature into his city’s revitalization plan

  • How raptor rehabilitators are using falconry techniques to help injured birds fly again

  • Vaccinating endangered Ethiopian wolves against deadly diseases spread by domestic dogs

  • Art Works for Change challenges how we relate to nature

  • A California homeowner finds that coyotes make good neighbors

  • Reflections on an encounter with a porcupine and the need to protect all wildlife

  • Earthfire Institute’s mission to understand the ways animals experience the world and us

  • The host of a gardening podcast discovers the beauty of oak galls

  • A Santa Fean lets her lawn revert to its natural state and is rewarded with the return of wild creatures

  • An illustrated Field Guide to the black-backed woodpecker

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